About Me

As a photographer I take pleasure in providing a service to my clients which conveys a sense of who they are. I believe that clients should hang photos that are not just pleasing to the eye but create a sense of wellbeing, fun, recreate a memory, evoke emotions or add to the atmosphere of a home or business. This is a philosophy that I carry through all aspects of my work whether it be a family portrait or for a commercial shoot.

Landscape photography has been a passion of mine for many years. I have been a participant on many photography workshops where there is always something new to learn and new ideas to explore. They have allowed me to capture some beautiful places in Australia. The more I have travelled, the more extensive the gallery grows. I am also taking pleasure in shooting locally and capturing the just the right moment. More challenging but exciting is creating art from the smaller side of life, the things we don't always take time to appreciate.

Photography is an art, as such people will appreciate different pieces. My aim is to find the perfect piece for you, my client.