the finished product







We offer a variety of finishes that reflect your space and needs. Acrylic Blocks are small, freestanding blocks that are convenient and portable. The thickness of the acrylic (minimum 20mm) gives the image a floating, three dimensional look that enhances the image. Perfect for desks, bookshelves or as a unique gift for someone special.

For larger images… Perspex Mounts offer a clean stylish look that shows off the image, being frameless there is no distraction from the most important part – the image itself. The thickness of the acrylic gives the image a depth not possible on canvas. The mounting includes a hanging system with hidden rear screws that add to the stylish finish of the product.

Traditional stretched canvas allows for maximum flexibility in sizing. Images can be wrapped meaning that there is no visible border or a border can be added so that the complete image can be seen. Canvases offer the advantage of no reflections, something to consider depending on where you print will be hung. All images are covered in a laminate that will protect your image giving you a 75 year guarantee against fading.