your family

As your family grows and changes it is always lovely to look back at how it was. My photographs of your family will try to capture not just an image of your family but also who you are. I will meet with you to decide what type of images you want individual, combinations of family members and the style of photography that suits you. You will also get to select the location for your sitting or I can make some suggestions. This shoot is about capturing your family as you would like to remember them.

I will spend some time getting to know you before I start talking photos, particularly when dealing with young children. As a mother, I also understand that children get sick or need an extra sleep, in most cases it will not be an issue to reschedule.

Sitting are generally two hours for a family, at a cost of $200. This will include all members of the family individually, the children together and the whole family, normally there will also be one just of Mum and Dad. All situations are different; a portfolio shoot for an individual will be very different to an extended family shoot. I will discuss with you your requirements and will give you a better indication of pricing.

I shoot to satisfaction, if you are unhappy with the photos the first time, we will organise a time to reshoot at no cost to you.

Your sitting will be:

Your Family in
Your Location that you choose, and
Your Photos in a style that suits you


Please feel free to call so that we determine arrangements that suit your needs.